1. The Songs from the Street crew are profiling members from the choir featuring the photography of the talented Jym Wilson.

2. This poem by Ryan Eckes called a Memo for labor was the perfect way to start May.

3. We are getting more and more excited about our Shannon County documentary project in the works. This piece of photojournalism came out this week about the wild horses of the area. It’s a must view.

4. There has been some internal debate within the Carbon Trace Team about what to call our student short from last semester. HERE is the link to the trailer. Should we stick with what we have or go another direction? Next week, our $25 and over Patrons will get to vote on a title. 

5. We have been peeping on these shorts from filmmakers stuck in quarantine. #Sheltershorts already has had over 100 submissions and raised nearly $4,000 for World Central Kitchen with these videos.

6. Our friend and Springfield Public School Teacher Armando Johnson won teacher of the year. He is the coach in our 2019 student-lead film “Zero.” You can watch that film here

7. While it is not the Parks and Recreation reunion we wanted, it was a fantastic way to spend 30 minutes and catch up with some of our living room favorites. In this time of endless time, I would certainly recommend watching NBC’s Feeding America special. They raised about $3 million so far.

8. We have been watching the Drew Lewis foundation over the last few weeks and are impressed. The Drew Lewis Foundation offers programming via the Northwest Project, Healthy Homes Initiative, Blue House Project, and community dinners at The Fairbanks and other community hubs. You can learn all about them here

9. The leaders of Carbon Trace Productions endorse the use of Obscure Zoom backgrounds during these times. Studies show that people are just looking at themselves anyway, so why not have fun with it!

10. *Humble brag alert* We recently updated our 2020 highlight reel to reflect some of our recent film festival victories. You can view that hew cut HERE.

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