This week,

We have been making some great content for your stay at home eyeballs. With all this extra time on our hands, we are happy to be able to give you a glimpse into what is to come soon.

In addition to getting out this content for you, I have been spending my extra time doing the essential things like eating cake for breakfast, socializing by squinting at a tiny little Zoom box, and taking my dog on 453745763 walks. As you can see below, he is ready for a Netflix binge this weekend. 

Now back to business, Carbon Trace Productions will be producing several featuring our newly announced Project “Revisiting: A portrait of the Ozarks” (title still TBD).  We are excited about our new partnership with The Missouri State Library Department and are looking forward to beginning filming when this virus business closes shop.

For a little background on the project, forty years ago, life in Shannon County, Missouri, was preserved through a 2-part documentary created by Missouri State University’s Center for Ozarks Studies. The current versions on YouTube have received more than a quarter of a million views each in the last five years, with many comments either asking what Shannon County is like today or making assumptions about the community. We want to go back and revisit this narrative of rural life and ask, “Can one achieve rural life in the 21st century?”

The crew at Carbon Trace Productions is also excited about our student lead film this semester, Songs from the Street. This documentary short follows the Springfield Street Choir, a group trying to give the homeless community of Springfield a place to forget their troubles, singing for their enjoyment once a week. Expect to see a teaser soon. On that note, I am going to do a little brag today about our newest board member Jym. He discovered that, due to the pandemic closures, the homeless community has little to no place to rest, causing them to walk even more than average. They needed shoes and BOY did he deliver. 

You should check out this slide show he created from photographs he has taken of the Homeless Choir HERE.

I am signing off for the weekend- even though right now- that too could be mistaken for the work week’s twin sister in these times. Here is to hoping for virus-free days and big parties when this is over.

Until then, to use a saying from one of my favorite podcasts, see you on the internet!

<3 Shannon Cay


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