Former Carbon Trace Production’s Student Director continues his creative endeavors.

You may remember Shakha Benbow as the director of the 2020 Winner of the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Arts International: Award of Excellence, Zero.

We have been following his work online and thought our audience may want to hear about the exciting media he is making since moving back to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

Shakha Benbow:

“I’m currently producing and editing a dramatic web series entitled Kickback Chronicles. It’s an at times humorous commentary on the social life of three minority students in college.

We’re hoping to get that out soon as well as announce a few other projects we’ve been writing and working on.

I’m also a part of two podcasts. I definitely wanna encourage sports fans to check out my NBA debate show The League: An NBA Pod. And for all things movies, television, music videos, shorts, etc. check out The Reel Film Pod. Both shows are streaming everywhere.”










Zero is the story of defeat and how we react to it.

Coach Armando Johnson is set to retire as the boys’ basketball coach of Central High School in Springfield, Missouri. Last season his team didn’t win a game. Zero follows the players, the coach, and the parents through a full season in search of a win as tensions mount.

Zero from Carbon Trace Productions is streaming on Vimeo now. 

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