Witness at Tornillo is now available online after winning best documentary feature film at the Kansas City FilmFest International 2020.

Carbon Trace Productions is excited to bring this award-winning film online with Vimeo on Demand.  

Director Shane Franklin and Director of Photography Taye Taye at the film’s premiere in Brooklyn, NY.

You can now rent the documentary for $5, or purchase the film for $10 to watch again and again. Another way to watch Witness at Tornillo online is by becoming a Behind the Scenes Member of our Patreon, where you will find VIP access to Witness at Tornillo and other films, exclusive footage, and many other perks for being a monthly contributor.

“Witness at Tornillo” is the origin story of the Witness Movement. The film features, Joshua Rubin, a man from Brooklyn who sits alone in the Texas desert, morally compelled to witness the injustice of family separation and child detention. His goal is to shut down an American internment camp and free 2,800 migrant children kept against their will. Witness at Tornillo highlights individual perseverance against continued injustice in the borderlands.

Through the “subversive act of seeing,” Rubin encourages those involved in running the Tornillo child detention facility to look back at themselves and examine their personal actions and ethics.

Now that Witness at Tornillo is available online, a portion of the proceeds will fund our continued coverage of Central American asylum-seekers and the Migrant Protection Protocols, MPP, for the film’s sequel, “Witness at the Border.”

We invite you to donate to this project to help our nonprofit documentary team bring this film to theaters as quickly as possible. 

Carbon Trace Productions is a 501c3 non-profit media organization dedicated to educating college students at Missouri State University‘s College of Arts and Letters about the art of documentary film. Students learn to tell stories of compelling social importance without regard to commercial potential. Carbon Trace Productions specializes in working with and telling the stories humanitarian organizations, other non-profits, and NGOs. 


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