April has flown by for all of us here at Carbon Trace Productions. The talented Carbon Trace interns are finishing their semester-long projects, which will premiere on our YouTube page throughout May.

We are also completing applications for several substantial grants. Additionally, the team is gearing up for a fantastic summer filled with outdoor fundraising events, new video content, and a return to “normal” living.

I am excited that the world is opening back up. We hope to see you out there.

Cheers, Shannon Cay


We released last year’s student film, “Zero,” for free viewing this month.
“Zero” is the story of defeat and how we react to it. The film follows Armando Johnson, boys’ basketball coach of Central High School in Springfield, Missouri, as he navigates his team through a winless season. “Zero” was the winner of the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Arts International in 2020. We hope you take a look, give us a like, and please subscribe to our page for more content like this.

“16 Weeks” is our student project for the semester.
It is a social media-based documentary film guiding its audience through a semester at Missouri State University during the coronavirus pandemic. While the crew has been working on post-production for this project since January, they recently added two editors to the team. The student leads Greta Cross and Diana Dudenhoeffer hope to have this film ready for a fall premiere. We are proud of this student team’s work and expect to have a teaser video for you in the coming month.

With a renewed sense of purpose, the Carbon Trace professional team will be focusing on our documentary film “All of a Sudden.”
This story focuses on the people of Eden Village, a tiny home community for the formerly homeless in Springfield. The staff there uses housing first principles to get the chronically homeless off the street. We have a new group of summer interns with a lot of energy. The Carbon Trace team plans to have this film finished in early 2022.

Intern Spotlight: Katie Saltkill

Katie is currently a senior at Missouri State University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the electronic arts program for audio engineering. She says she is excited about working with Carbon Trace Productions because the work lets her grow as a person while developing necessary communication and hands-on skills for audio engineering and media production in general. She would like to record audio for musicians one day. You may already know Katie, as she is the host of the “Carbon Trace Podcast.”

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