Happy Holloween, my friends! 

To battle against election season fatigue, I got to thinking about how similar we all are as a whole. While headlines for the next month (at least) will lead you to think otherwise, Americans are on the same page in many significant ways.

Did you know that three-quarters of us believe the government should expand its coverage of health care? 76% support investing more in education, and a staggering 96% support infrastructure improvements.

Finding common ground through emotional connections is something the whole team at Carbon Trace takes great pride in conveying through film. We are trying to bridge the gap between perception and reality. Come and see it for yourself at our final public screening for this year of “Songs From the Street,” as seen above.



We are gearing up for a trip to Shannon County for deer season. I would describe the team as giddy to get out to the woods and start this long term project. We had a day-long retreat where we heard from several Ozark experts. You can read more about that HERE. We are still trying to raise more funds to complete our pre-production. Please, share this campaign with everyone you know to ensure we can complete this critical heritage project.



We are very proud of our student team after they landed an interview with Missouri State University President Cliff Smart. 16 Weeks is a social media documentary meant to guide the viewer through a semester at Missouri State University during the coronavirus pandemic. The student team working on this film asked the university president questions about how the school handles the Coronavirus and what motivated the university to stay open with cases at an all-time high.



We have entered picture lock, meaning that the heavy lifting of editing is complete. (Go Andy Go) We are now sending what we have off to one of our volunteers, who has graciously agreed to score this film with original music. Our friend and one of the main characters of A Vietnam Peace Story, Gary Harlan, wrote a book about his experience going back to the county where he experienced war. You can purchase a copy of it HERE.



The team learned so much while working alongside Sooner Than Later Studios for its upcoming indie film “The Land of Milk and Honey.” We are creating some top-secret videos for release in 2021. It is no surprise that our Board Member Jym Wilson started capturing some fantastic photography on set. Here is a little preview of this highly anticipated work from this talented local group of movie-makers.



Meet the newest Carbon Trace Productions Intern: Brett Schutt:
Brett Schutt is currently a Senior at Missouri State University and is majoring in TV and Film Production. He has a blog and website called Toybox’d Productions, where he and a few other contributors do weekly podcasts and write blog posts about whatever is relevant and interests them in pop culture. Brett wants to be a storyteller and create weird and ambitious films that ultimately have timeliness and meaning in the social fabric.


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