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Shannon County, MO — 2020 — Julie Clemons and children, including son Peyton Newton,14, prepare for the first day of deer hunting. For Carbon Trace Productions documentary film. “A Portrait of the Ozarks.”© 2020 Jym Wilson/Carbon Trace Productions

We were able to take our first official trip to Shannon County earlier this month, where we filmed oral histories of more than seven public figures and others we found along the way. This is a photo of one of the families we spoke with about the beginning of deer season and what that means for their family. Everyone we spoke to told us not only about themselves but their legacies with the land they love. Please help us complete our goal for this “Giving Tuesday.” We have $4,000 still left to raise to reach our pre-production budget for this preservation project. You can donate HERE.

“16 Weeks” is a student-led documentary in collaboration with The Standard, Missouri State University’s official student-run newspaper, and us here at Carbon Trace Productions. This film catalogs the lives of MSU students amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Through vlog-style videos, students have the chance to showcase their new reality during this period of history. Be sure to check out these pandemic stories via FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

A Vietnam Peace Story is set to be finished by the end of the year! While the work wouldn’t be possible without our ground team from that trip, Jeff Freling has scored the film and really brought it to a new level. We hope this is a film festival favorite and want to make sure as many Vietnam War Veterans as possible see this film.



Thanks to our two interns Brett and Cameron, we have visited with the folks at Eden Village weekly for All of a Sudden. Eden Village is a micro-neighborhood of tiny homes specifically for people who would otherwise be homeless. While their first neighborhood is full, Eden Village is opening a second location. They already have about 120 applications of people who have been homeless for at least a year in Springfield and have a physical or mental disability. We are following this story closely as Eden Village 2 gets off the ground.



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