Film Synopsis:

Downtown: A New American Dream was the first documentary film from the Carbon Trace Productions Team. The film’s director, Andrew R. Cline Ph.D., describes it as a bit of a nerd flick on the subject of New Urbanism and the re-imagining of urban centers across the US.  Many of the skills Carbon Trace learned in this film became the foundation for our signature style of documentary education that we continue to this day.

Narrators Shannon Cay Bowers Shane Franklin Timothy J. Watts Director & Writer Andy Cline Producer Chelsea Eichholz Executive Producer Andy Cline Co-Producer Shannon Cay Bowers Associate Producers Erin Rains Shane Franklin Story Researchers Andy Cline Shannon Cay Bowers Phoenix Jiang Director of Photography Tyler Beck Editor Tyler Beck Sound Design Kong Thao Motion Graphics Designer Taye Taye Sound Recordists Isaac David Wetzel Kenneth Wagoner Camera Operators Tyler Beck Shane Franklin Taye Taye Mike Rimi Clint Lowrance Kayden Mannino Johnathann Byrd Raymond DiFonzo Daniel Feldsien Mihalis Petridis Emily Cline Andy Cline Assistant Editors Erin Snider Lauren Johnson Mike Rimi Brian Light Taye Taye Drone Operators Dennis Lacey Brian Light Music “Prelude No. 3” Chris Zabriskie Creative Commons License 4.0 “Prelude No. 23” Chris Zabriskie Creative Commons License 4.0 “That Kid in the Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos” Chris Zabriskie Creative Commons License 4.0 “Already There” Josh Woodward Creative Commons License 3.0 Music from “A New Life” “A Lover’s Story” “If All Is Clear” “Lost in a Moment” “College Friendship” “Route 66” “The Reason to Start” “The Soul of Motown” “Punk Kids” “Piano Pop Rock” Special Thanks Doug & Linda Roller Foundation Thank You Mud Lounge Coffee & Cocktails Mudhouse Coffee The Coffee Ethic Frisco Tap Room The Creative Foundry Hotel Vandevort The Congress for New Urbanism Robert Stephens Mike Schilling Jerry Compton John Sellars Bob McCroskey Rusty Worley Bruce Adib-Yazdi Miles Hamilton Wes Nichols Diana Day Ashley Clair Mark Hillenburg Cindy Hillenburg David Brown Linda Brown Stuart Murr Andres Duany Dan Parolek Joe Minicozzi Lisa Nisenson James Rojas Claudia Hansen Kate Durio Historical Photos of Springfield, Missouri provided by Springfield History Museum on the Square Graphics of Park Central Square provided by Butler, Rosenbury & Partners in Springfield, Missouri Some material in this documentary used under “fair use” rules of U.S. copyright law regarding editorial/educational use and setting historical context. Other materials used by permission or by Creative Commons License. Additional Photography Credits Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License Occupy Wall Street by Mike Fleshman Foreclosure by Jeff Turner Foreclosure Fighter by Peter Menchini Pruitt-Igoe by State Historical Society of Missouri Homeless man by Matthew Woitunski Copyright 2016 by Carbon Trace Productions. This film may be freely distributed and presented with no modification of its original form. Portions of this film may be used in other works with appropriate attribution to Carbon Trace Productions.