16 Weeks showcases the lives of Missouri State University students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student films like “16 Weeks” rely on a large number of small donations to reach our goals. The production team is humbled and grateful for donations of any size.

Sponsors’ funding will go toward:

Entering “16 Weeks” into film festivals


Renting a space for the film’s premiere

Travel to festivals and contests

Fulfilling donor perks

Physical and digital advertising and promotion

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16 Weeks, a social media documentary, is the first collaboration project between Carbon Trace Productions, a Springfield non-profit film studio, and The Standard, Missouri State’s independent, student-led newspaper.

Relying on volunteer-generated content in the form of vlog-style videos captured on smartphones, 16 Weeks offers a unique perspective on the new reality of social distancing, masking, and virtual learning from the perspective of about eight Missouri State students and one professor. Formal interviews with content creators and university administration supplement the vlog content, alongside The Standard’s news coverage related to COVID-19, the 2020 Presidential Election, and other events.

16 Weeks teaches what it means for college students to be involved in a global pandemic. There is a lot to learn about the human condition, and the film provides insight into the thoughts and emotions of the Missouri State community through introspective, reflective, and earnest videos from our content creators.

By the end of the documentary, students either celebrate that they’ve endured the 16-week semester, or they lament the sacrifices they had to make to further their education.
16 Weeks is currently in post-production and is estimated to be completed in spring 2021.

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