“16 Weeks” Wraps up Fundraising Campaign

“16 Weeks” Wraps up Fundraising Campaign

With only 3 DAYS LEFT in the campaign, the student filmmakers working on “16 Weeks” have nearly $1,500 left to raise to meet their goal.

They can only accomplish this with your help!

You can donate HERE. 

“16 Weeks” is a social media-based documentary film guiding its audience through a semester at Missouri State University during the coronavirus pandemic. Using their smartphones, members of the university community grant an intimate glimpse into their daily lives as they document a semester dominated by the virus.

The film begins at the start of the fall 2020 semester, with our cast explaining what the first day back was like for them. The documentary then reflects on events from the beginning of the year using news sources such as The Standard, MSU’s independent, student-run newspaper.

The exposition of “16 Weeks” guides the audience from events starting around the virus outbreak in Wuhan, its travel internationally, and finally to its arrival in Springfield – which ultimately led to classes being moved online at MSU in March 2020.

After this retelling of prior months, the film moves into first-person content from our cast, shifting from person to person as they describe the pandemic’s impact on their lives. The mood continually evolves as each member of the cast shares their unique experiences.

This first-person vlog content is supplemented by formal interviews with our cast and prominent university members, such as MSU President Clif Smart.

Common themes reveal themselves as the semester progresses and cases rise.

By the end of the film, the university community will either celebrate that they’ve made it through the full 16 weeks, or they will lament the sacrifices made in the name of education.



“Zero” Now Available on YouTube

“Zero” Now Available on YouTube

2020 WINNER Broadcast Education Association Festival of Arts International: Award of Excellence

Zero is the story of defeat and how we react to it. Coach Armando Johnson is set to retire as the boys’ basketball coach of Central High School in Springfield, Missouri. Last season his team didn’t win a game. Zero follows the players, the coach, and the parents through a full season in search of a win as tensions mount.

Zero is the winner of the Award for Excellence for student feature documentary film at the 2020 Broadcast Education Association Festival of Arts.

Carbon Trace Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit media organization dedicated to documentary education and humanitarian service. All proceeds from the film go toward helping college students learn to tell compelling stories in documentary films.

You can learn more about “Zero” HERE. 

Support Nonprofit Documentary Filmmaking:

Carbon Trace can provide significant guidance in developing, funding, producing, and distributing a documentary film. For high school students wishing to learn more about documentary filmmaking, Missouri State University offers degrees in digital filmmaking, media production, journalism, and other associated areas.

To participate in the documentary education provided through the Carbon Trace Team, we encourage you to apply for a filmmaking internship, submit a documentary idea, or apply to become a volunteer using the forms below.

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Carbon Trace Productions in 2021

Carbon Trace Productions in 2021

It is so gratifying and humbling to see all these faces because I know each one has an incredible story that we helped tell.

This is our highlight reel with all of the new faces and new stories we have told, despite the many hurdles we faced.  Not only did we learn a thing or two, but we brought student filmmakers along with us. When times get tough at Carbon Trace Productions, I try to refer back to our mission.

Carbon Trace Productions promotes a deeper understanding of people and humanitarian issues while educating students in the art of documentary filmmaking.

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I promise you will feel like you are walking in someone else’s shoes, if only for a moment.