The crew from Songs From the Street rings in the new year with this follow-up interview with Paul from the Springfield Street Choir.

He talks about how he’s grown since filming and advocates for the homeless population of Springfield.

Please go to for outreach resources.

Also, Exciting news!

The was recently won their first prize at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards!

Special thanks to everyone who has supported the film so far. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Video Transcript:

“I’m Paul. I am a member of the Street Choir.

I was homeless until about 8 months ago when my mom let me back into her home if I was off drugs and alcohol. So, I decided to get clean and back on my medication.  

I am off the streets 8 months clean and sober, living the dream. 

This time last year Bob Love took me to the hospital for detox. I took three days in the hospital and right back out to the streets and right back to drugs and alcohol. 

It took until Feb 17 of 2019 for me to walk away from drugs and alcohol- and that is how long it has been. 

I am happy. I am content. I know there is more to do and more will happen the more I am willing to let God use me. Yeah, I am proud to be a part of it. 

I am still active in the church and in the outreach. Being sober now has given me a chance to put back into the community outreach that I took from when I was on the streets.

We are doing amazing things. Cold weather is coming on. We need volunteers for shelters to work overnight hours and stuff like that. 

We are advocating for hot hands and fresh socks.  When you are homeless walking in the same pair of socks for a week, and they are wet and cold, a fresh pair is like walking on a cloud. 

We need people from the community to vote to elect city leaders who recognize homelessness with solutions and not just a problem and to legally find refuge when they can.  We have nowhere to go inside. We just have to keep journeying on without getting a loitering charge. Even in city parks during city hours, we get ran off due to congregation.  

I am thankful for the church, the outreach, and the street choir. It brought the homeless community together in a positive way. Now that we have moved locations, there is a lot more to be done.” 

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