Carbon Trace Productions is proud to announce the release of Songs From the Street – a documentary film produced by media students from Missouri State University and the professional staff of Carbon Trace Productions.

In the fall of 2019, a group of homeless people gathered for the first time to form the Springfield Street Choir. Student filmmakers began following this unique group as it rehearsed, performed, and continue to live life on the streets. According to Christie Love, lead pastor at The Connecting Grounds interdenominational church where the group rehearses, the street choir’s core purpose is to show audiences that homeless people are regular people, who deserve kindness.

“The Choir aims to help homeless people on an individual level by giving them something enjoyable to do while promoting a message to the public to incite local change.”

The film’s Director, Mackenzie Huffman, says the project came from a desire to humanize the people that are typically ignored.

“The intent of this documentary is to give homeless people a voice and to show the public that the homeless are people too and deserve their respect and attention.”

As momentum for the choir was building, the COVID-19 pandemic approached Springfield, putting an already at-risk group in danger of greater harm. Neighboring residents and businesses also began to voice complaints about the increasing numbers of homeless people gathering at the church. With no end in sight to the pandemic and no opportunities for rehearsals or performances in the immediate future, “Songs From the Street” is a window into the world of shattered hopes and dreams of a segment of the population that many choose to look past.

“Songs From the Street” will be at the Moxie Theater on

Thursday, August 27th, at 7 pm and 7:30pm,

Friday, August 28th at 5 p.m.,

Saturday, August 29, at 3 p.m.

Pre-ordering your tickets online are recommended due to limited seating.


**Note on online ticket sales and social distancing**

Please order tickets in groups of the 3-4 that you want to be seated next to at the event.

After you reserve your seat, the website will block off the remaining seats close to you.

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